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Great bargains on hard-to-find vintage and collectible Bakelite backgammon sets .

Backgammon Checkers, Chips, Counters, Stones, Men, Counters |Chequers | Draughts |Board Game Accessories |Marble marbled |bakelite resin |Made in …

Dec 19, 2015 – Title: Vintage bakelite backgammon game Set Cardinal Chips Dice with Cups, Status: SOLD, Category: Antiques & Collectibles, Shop: Toinette's …

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Buy: $124.99 vintage bakelite catalin backgammon checkers 15 Butterscotch 15 Green Swirl Bakelite – 72397 Vintage Bakelite Catalin Backgammon …

Nov 28, 1998 … Bakelite is like "kleenex" — a leading (originating, here) brand name that became the standard name for the product. The later plastic, "Catalin" is …

I also peered into the Kangaroo, Termite and Tiger rooms. In the subterranean Ant Room, swarms of slimy Bakelite insects infest a tree stump. A petite woman in her 60s, Nga invited me into her …

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