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Examples of Maloof’s chairs, settees and tables grace America’s finest museums, including the Met in New York, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts … he discovered his woodworking talent when …

In this brief exploration of the five basic Backgammon strategies, you will learn how to use them when playing the game. The Spruce / Margot cavin backgammon relies on dice rolling, so if your opponent rolls sixes while you roll ones, you’re probably going to lose no matter what you do. But because

See how to calculate probabilities for particular rolls in backgammon. Backgammon is a game that employs the use of two standard dice. The dice used in this game are six-sided cubes, and the faces of a die have one, two, three, four, five or six pips. During a turn in backgammon a player may move hi

Yet other stone tools were used for woodworking; among the very few wooden … and then look at the fine detail of the cutting edges with a high-powered microscope,” explains michael bisson

Backgammon is a simple game for two that has been popular for centuries. Learn the basic rules and start having fun. The Spruce / margot cavin modern Backgammon can trace its roots back to the ancient Egyptian game of Senet and the Mesopotamian game The Royal Game of Ur. Backgammon involves two play

Woodworking is not only a fun hobby, but also a great way to create crafts for extra income or as gifts for family and friends. Check out this handy guide to woodworking basics for beginners, and get set to enjoy your own woodworking fun.

It was further alleged that Barry spoke with a refined accent, hinted he was on the run and was an accomplished player of backgammon – at which Lucan excelled. But the claims were vigorously …

design aficionados and anyone who appreciates fine american contemporary craft the opportunity to source, commission and shop juried artists’ pieces from all over the country. The new interactive …

He worked for the Smithsonian bicentennial projects in 1976, apprenticed for the union, worked for Giant stores and on construction jobs at Capital City Woodworking, then found his way to the …

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